The Emotional Toll of CLUTTER

Each area of your home provides you with a unique form of comfort. Comfort and clutter cannot co-exist. Clutter and mess only serves to bring unbalance and will dampen any good spirit. It stands to reason that, give up the clutter and bring in the peace of mind.

1. De-clutter your kitchen. Your kitchen is regarded as the heart of your home and for a good reason.  Here you are nourished and provided for, even if you are dining on a frozen entrée zapped in the microwave rather than a homemade meal lovingly presented by Mom.

An untidy and cluttered kitchen makes it hard to nourish yourself and others, on both physical and emotional. How you care for your kitchen is a hot clue to whether you are giving proper attention to your own nourishment and that of others.

Cleaning up and de-cluttering your kitchen will open space for you to receive the support and comfort that you need in life.

2. De-clutter your living and dining room. These are special places where you socialize with family and friends. Here you engage with the world while being at home through watching television, reading the paper or discussing current events with old friends over dinner.

Clutter can turn these otherwise special and social spaces into dens of isolation, especially if the mess is so bad that it has been a time since you have invited people over.

Look carefully at your living and dining rooms to see what they say about your relationships. Are they important to you? Are you hiding yourself from others, by burying yourself in nasty clutter?

3. De-clutter your hallways. You need clear hallways to navigate through your home. Your clutter in your hallways prevents important connections between different areas of your home and your life.

Look at your hallways and see what it says about the rest of your life. Do they contain good lighting and are they easily navigable, or do they cause confusion and trip you up?

If you feel a disconnection between work and family, self and others, what you need to be done and your obligations, it may be time to give your hallways some good organizing.

4. De-clutter your bathrooms. Each day we use this important space to meet the world. We begin our days from this room. Clutter in the bathroom can mean your don’t take pride in how you look and feel.

How can you feel clean when using a cluttered, dirty bathroom? A clean, well-decorated bathroom is a tranquil sanctuary for rejuvenation and self-care. Scented soaps, attractive accessories, and fragrant candles all take their place here. This is beauty for the mind and soul. You can beautify your life by organizing and cleaning this important room.

Take the time to transform your bathroom into a place of refuge and this will bring a sense of the sacred into your morning and evening personal-care rituals.

5. De-clutter the bedroom. Your bedroom is for sleeping and intimacy, and it functions as a place of renewal for self and relationships. Clutter in the bedroom is worse than in any room. It is anything but restful and peaceful.

If you are feeling “wired and tired,” creating order out of chaos in this most personal space will help you relax and to let go of the stresses of the day. Then you will get a good night’s sleep or enjoy some special time with your partner. Of all of your rooms, this one is the most critical for being organized and peaceful.

6. De-clutter your closets. Closets are everything hidden, unknown, or unrecognized. When we fill our closets with clutter, we harness our ability to be intuitive and insightful.

Cluttered closets can indicate problems that you may not even be aware of but which block your progress through life, work, and relationships. Keeping the closet door closed is not an obvious solution. Organizing your closets IS!

7. De-clutter your attic and basement. A cluttered attic causes you to feel under pressure. It is not easy to feel good about the future when there is so much stuff “hanging about and over your head.” Organize those boxes of yesteryear and you will feel ten pounds lighter, instantly!

The basement and other below-ground storage areas are thought to be holders of the subconscious mind, so take the time and have that clutter cleaned up!

8. De-clutter your garage. Think of your car as a symbol of your agility, independence, and ability to be self-propelled in life. If there’s so much junk piled high in your garage that you can barely lift the garage door, it is time to organize. Do this and be prepared to move forward in your life, as well.

Stop thinking of de-cluttering as a terrific, and start thinking of it as one of the most effective self-improvement exercises available to you. Every magazine and piece of paper you place in the recycle and every book you give back to the library will liberate you.

Just as giving those older items to charity, will. Free yourself now of clutter and open the flood gates of joy and energy into your life.

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